Jacek Potulski

PhD at law, solicitor

Penal and corporate penal law, and medical law

Foreign languages:
English, and Russian

Additional information:
An expert at penal law, he has worked as a defence counsel and attorney in penal, commercial-penal and fiscal penal cases. He has handled a number of complicated penal cases, including stock exchange trading. His knowledge of medical law gives him the qualifications to represent medical practitioners in penal and disciplinary proceedings. An expert in penal and legal protection of freedom of speech, including freedom of art.
Since 2003, a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdańsk. An author of several dozen scientific studies in penal law. A chairman of the Student Disciplinary Committee, University of Gdańsk.
Co-author of the Lex Legal Information System.
Since 2012, a member of the Committee of Medical Incidents at the Pomeranian Voivode.

Crime novels, and hiking.