The Supreme Court has ruled on how to account for an invalid loan agreement – the two-condition theory over the balance theory

In common courts, the question increasingly being asked is not whether indexation clauses contained in CHF-linked loan agreements are prohibited, but how to settle an invalid loan agreement.

Expert opinion on fur farming and ritual slaughter

Prof. Artur Nowak-Far was asked by the Polish Senate to prepare one of the expert opinions on the draft Law on Animal Protection.

Medical error in times of pandemic

The time of the COVID-19 epidemic is a difficult time for everyone. Staff shortages , longer than standard on-call duties of medical staff, affect faster pace of work and more fatigue among medical staff.

Franc loans – a slowly developing line of jurisprudence

In credit agreements linked to the exchange rate of the Swiss franc, we can observe almost universal application by banks of so-called prohibited clauses, i.e. clauses which grossly infringe consumer interests.

Compensation and reparation for unjustified pre-trial detention

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 552 § 4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. compensation and reparation are due in the case of undoubtedly wrongful temporary arrest.

Media – Business – Culture 2015

The law trainees of our law firm on 8 October 2015 took part in this year’s edition of the scientific conference Media – Business – Culture, organised by the University of Gdansk.

Andrzej Leder

The second guest in the series “Between Politics and Philosophy” was Professor Andrzej Leder, philosopher of culture, psychotherapist.

Means of establishing separate ownership of premises

In practice, co-ownership of a developed property with several physically independent premises may prove uncomfortable for the co-owners, both in terms of use and potential marketing of their share.

Mayor of Hel acquitted – legally and finally

The Supreme Court once again stressed that Mayor Wądołowski was a randomly selected person against whom operational procedures were unjustifiably initiated. In the opinion of the defence – the mayor of Hel was a victim of unlawful actions of the CBA.

Administrative penalties for removing trees without permission

When preparing to cut down a tree, you need to arm yourself not only with a well-sharpened axe, but also with the appropriate permit.