Marek Bieńczyk

24 April 2013 Manor of Sierakowscy was hosted most renowned polish writers – Marek Bieńczyk.

Zbigniew Mikołejko

Our next lecutre hero was Zbigniew Mikołejko – philosopher and historian of religion.

Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg

Meeting on 10 April 2013 was a true culmination of Why do we need history? series.

Igor Hałagida

The third meeting – the third angle of addressing on the problem Why do we need history? This time professor Kizik invited Igor Hałagida

Andrzej Nowak

Meeting with the second guest of professor Edmund Kizik perfectly suited the title of the entire series: Why do we need history?

Peter Oliver Loew

The first guest of professor Kizik was Peter Oliver Loew.

Anna Chęćka-Gotkowicz

On 13th February 2013, the Guest of the Firm was dr Anna Chęćka Gotkowicz – lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Science of the University of Gdańsk

Paweł Sitkiewicz

The Guests of our Office are often historians. On 25 January 2013 second lecture of a historian of the cinema was delivered, after the one by dr hab Krzysztof Kornacki, this time by dr Paweł Sitkiewicz.

Piotr Kłoczowski

Another season with TeKa refleksji began with a strong accent – meeting with Piotr Kłoczowski.

Paweł Smoleński

On 6 December 2012, aficionados of quality reportage were in for a real treat: the Law Firm invited a Gazeta Wyborcza journalist, winner of numerous awards, Paweł Smoleński.