On 22nd March 2012 an extraordinary meeting with art was held. Anda Rottenberg was our guest. She is an art historian, critic, the curator of numerous exhibitions and in the years 1993 – 2001, she was the director of "Zachęta" Art Gallery in Warsaw. Our guest presented an interesting lecture on the use of light in paintings. It was accompanied by multimedia presentation showing some of the most famous works of art. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion with the participants referring to the concept of a painting or the relationship between light and the painting. At times the discussion resembled a formal analysis of paintings. Contemporary artistic trends were widely alluded to. There was also an interesting exchange of views on the meaning of painting “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” (ca. 1558) by Peter Breugel. After the meeting, Anda Rottenberg signed her books, including “Proszę bardzo” (“Go ahead”) and “Przeciąg. Teksty o polskiej sztuce lat 80”  (”A draught. Texts on Polish art of 1980s”).