Bogumiła Toczyska visited our legal firm on 3rd December 2010. The author of the monograph "Głośno i wyraźnie, 9 lekcji dobrego mówienia” ("Loud and clear, 9 lessons of good speech") presented a workshop on the aesthetics of speech to our employees and guests. She pointed to the significant problems of contemporary speech, focusing particularly on the statements made by lawyers. Starting with the general principles of oral utterances, our guest used vivid and clear ways to teach us the basic speech therapy exercises, discussed the principles of good breathing and also pointed to the most serious errors made in oral statements. The knowledge was on the one hand intuitive, on the other - highly specialist. Its implementation in practice by people who use oral utterances at work will significantly improve their statements, making the utterances more professional and giving them a more user-friendly form. There is no doubt that the two hours spent with Bogumiła Toczyska were a very fruitful and educational time for all the participants.