On 22 October 2013 TeKa refleksji invited its guests to a meeting on the crossroads of literature and history. "Transe. Traumy. Transgresje", one of recent works published by Krytyka Literacka, became a pretext for meeting with its co-author – student of professor Maria Janion, literature historian, literary critic, journalist, philologist, and above all, outstanding woman - Kazimiera Szczuka. The audience not only learnt about genesis of feminist movements and history of women fight for political, social and economic rights, but also had the occasion to discuss recently popular gender idea, constituting in social and cultural sexual identity. Those who perceived feminism as fighting males and everything male, could feel disappointed. Kazimiera Szczuka talked about such figures as Olimpia de Gouges and showed that feminism does not constitute in “fighting against” but in “fighting for” equality of rights, place in the society, equal opportunities. Vivid discussion with our lecturer was almost entirely dominated by men, curious of her standpoint regarding the idea and notion of gender, battle of sexes for equality of rights in sports, popularity of metrosexual among young men, adopting roles and donning masks in the society depending on the situation, and even women struggle for possibility of deciding on abortion. Due to controversial and multilateral character of the last issue, its analysis would, however, require setting up a separate discussion.


   Meeting Kazimiera Szczuka undoubtedly did not leave the audience in Manor of Sierakowscy indifferent to her views, which may be accepted or not, but either way it should be objectively admitted that it was an unusual lesson of history, philosophy and also of tolerance, the conclusion of which is the sex is a relative notion, contrary to the notion of human.