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    The third meeting – the third angle of addressing on the problem Why do we need history? This time professor Kizik invited to Manor of Sierakowscy Igor Hałagida, PhD, professor at Institute of History of the University of Gdańsk and at the same time employee of Gdańsk division of Institute of National Remembrance. Professor Hałagida is a polish historian of Ukrainian origin, born in Gołdapia and specializing in recent Polish history, with particular emphasis on matters associated with Polish-Ukrainian relations in the 20th century and with Ukrainian minority in Poland. Therefore, it came as no surprise that his lecture, adorned with multimedia presentation, concerned Ukrainian issues, subjected to – thanks to professor’s competence – double, Polish and Ukrainian overview. Our guest made it clear to the audience, that came to the meeting in quite large number, in spite of exceptionally harsh – as for 19 March – aura, how complex socio-political situation in Ukraine is, and how difficult it is to make predictions about the future of this country. Strong differences between eastern and western part of the country are particularly clear on the level of historical remembrance, and thus – on the level of cultural conditionings of the modern society. Moreover, professor Hałagida did not hesitate to point out specific mistakes of Ukrainian governments, such as awarding the title of Ukrainian Hero to Stepan Bandera, or almost complete lack of historical policy. During the discussion professor agreed with the audience that the development of Ukraine is impeded by its oligarchic structure, not only paralyzing political and economical changes, but also constituting the reason of almost common poverty of the citizens.