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The establishment of the Legal Office dates back to 1987, when Tomasz Kopoczyński, solicitor, began his private solicitor’s practice. At present, the team of the Legal Office ‘Kopoczyński Solicitors and Legal Advisers’ consists of 27 highly qualified lawyers with long experience in rendering comprehensive legal services to businesses and individual clients. Owing to the cooperation with external consultants, who are reputable experts, including many university teachers, we can offer a custom-made approach and solutions even in most complicated cases.

We provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs, which implies that we accept the responsibility for the coordination...


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New Formula, Proven Brand

The designation “Attorney’s Office” – our former and customary logo – no longer adequately captures our developing and diversified team of lawyers, made up not only of attorneys-at-law but also legal counsels along with trainee attorneys and legal counsels, gathered around Attorney Tomasz Kopoczyński.

We have come to the conclusion that the activities conducted by lawyers representing various fields of specialization and corporations, characterized by humanism and social involvement, cannot be summarized in a simple formula, highly valued by tradition, and yet so inadequate to the realities and the development course we have taken.

We have taken up the challenge of retaining the best attorney traditions and changing our designation. The new logo does not signify breaking up with the past. We have remained an experienced and flexible attorney’s office with excellent administration services. Plus the prime qualities of the Bar. However, there is an important addition: our team does not work according to a repetitive scheme but we are a group of well-qualified lawyers (not only attorneys), prepared to solve the most challenging matters and taking responsibility for everything they undertake. Their strength is experience and courage in the face of diversity and novelty.

Thus the new formula complements the tried and trusted brand. For the Clients’ benefit.

Attorneys and Legal Counsels